There are many essay writing service websites on the internet. The decision of a client to place an order with one writing service over another is determined by the quality of services that the selected company offers. We give an opportunity to our clients to give feedback on what they think about our services. The testimonials page highlights some of our clients' feelings towards our essay writing services.

Charlotte Emma, Spain,

Working a full time job and attending school as a part time student has been the most challenging point of my life. Completing extra schoolwork such as assignments has never been easy as I am always burnt out at the end of the day. The team at Proficient Academic Writers has been really helpful in helping me manage my tight schedule and deliver assignments on time.

Isabella Johari, USA,
Research proposal

I have had a bad experience with academic writing services and I had a difficult time trusting any site, despite my desperation for the services. I have however not regretted the services at Proficient Academic Writing.

Emri Deniz, Turkey,
Formatting services

My medicine paper required strict APA paper format, which I didn't know how to complete. The correct paper format comprised 10% of my grade. Proficient Academic Writers helped me by formatting the paper I had done, and I scored the 10% mark for formatting.

Olivia Sophia, Germany,

I have always had stage fright and presenting a speech has continually been a challenge for me. I therefore prepare my speeches for over a week and go through them to ensure they are right. However, I had to deliver an impromptu speech last week and Proficient Writer's speech writing services came in handy.

Terrence Jabali, USA,

I completed my paper, but it still needed a lot of changes due to grammatical errors and Writing helped fine-tune my paper into one of the best in class.

Joe Ethan, USA,
Case study

Writing a case study was particularly overwhelming for me because I lacked the necessary writing skills to write a good case study. My inquiry at the Proficient Academic Writing was met with a lot of positivity as I was offered writing help in addition to guidance on how to write the case study.

Akemi Aki, Japan,

Speech writing is not my forte, despite the fact that I am required to give several speeches in a month. Proficient Academic Writing has been my reliable friend in completing these speeches.

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