Terms of Use

The Terms of Use, as outlined on this website is a legally abiding document that is meant to control the use of services provided via this website, and any other accompanying services. As a legal document, the Terms of Use document regulates the actions of all users of the website, in addition to outlining the legal obligations and the rights of each user. Opening of the application and any of its associated websites from any electronic device is considered a sign of consent from the user in terms of all services sought or rendered. It is therefore advisable that all users and visitors scan through the Terms of Use document to determine if continued use of the platform goes against any rights and obligations. Opening the Proficient Academic Writers website is assumed to mean that the user understands and agrees with the terms of use, which legally binds a user to the document requirements and constitutes an agreement between Proficient Academic Writing and the user.

Our Services

The primary service rendered at Proficient Academic Writers is preparation of official unique text documents that are based on specific individual instructions as provided in the orders. The company undertakes the digital writing of these unique text materials, services that are provided by a team of professional writers from our company. The relationship between our team of professionals and the user (you) is NOT regulated by this document. We understand the need for unique content, which is why our clients are asked to describe their instructions in details using the special form provided. It is crucial to highlight all the details of an order, as our writers work based on these provisions. Our services and how they work can be viewed by any user for free, but any other engagements with the services are bound by different agreements. While our writers complete a wide range of writing services, it is important to note that they DO NOT complete online tests. These include any tests in which a user must login into another platform to complete the series of question and receive a score rating.

Placement of Orders

Placing an order to our range of services involves the use of an online form, which is provided for this sole purpose. Users are encouraged to fill in truthful information only, as filling in the form using false data goes against our rules as outlined in the Privacy Policy document, and constitutes a breach of agreement. Personal information submitted through this form is stored in accordance to the same Privacy Policy document. In the case that a user requires clarity on placing an order, our support team is always ready 24 hours a day to respond. Email notifications and text messages may also be used to notify the user of a successful order placement. There are also other features that users are encouraged to use when requesting services from Proficient Academic Writers. These features include “writer choice” “customer service” and “plagiarism check” features. The “writer’s choice” option allows the user to select his/her own writer based on preference. For example, a user can choose a “Top Writer”, “previous Writer”, “advanced writer” among other choices. It is important to note that these choices can influence the cost of an order. Also, a user can choose between “VIP customer support” and normal customer support. These features have no impact on the cost of the order. The users can also request for plagiarism check with a report. While the plagiarism check is free, a check with a report incurs extra costs. It is also imperative to note that some of these features such as Writer's choice and the type of customer service may also influence important features such as the deadline. The prices for all these features are highlighted comprehensively in the Prices section. Other features that the user should specify before placing an order include specification on whether an abstract page is needed, whether the sources used are required, the need for a Table of Contents, whether an outline is required, and whether expert proofreading is needed before submission. As each feature is being filled out, the price of the order is calculated automatically. The price is influenced by the deadline, and the academic level, among other special features filled out.

Fees and Payments

All our services attract a price that is highlighted in the Prices section. The prices are subject to change at the discretion of the company, and it is therefore advisable to review the latest prices on our systems. It is also important to note that additional services as highlighted above may accrue extra costs. Not included in the prices indicated is the VAT, which is charged to clients who place their orders from the EU and users from other areas that the same might be charged. The VAT is therefore added to the total value of the order during the payment transaction. Sometimes, the order requirements may not match up with any of our pre-specified price quotations, and this may attract extra charges. It is however possible for the client to dismiss the order request, before making any transactions in the case of lack of clarity on what the charges entail. All orders placed successfully shall be accompanied by payment and in the case of an overpayment, the money can be saved on the users’ accounts for future use. The pricing of orders that comprise answering multiple choice questions is different from academic essays that do not need such form of answering, and may therefore attract different prices. In order to cater for the needs of the wider population using our services, we accept a variety or payment methods including Master cards, Pay Pal, and Visa Cards.

Fulfillment of Orders

Once an order is completed, the requested materials are placed in the account of the user, and they are automatically approved once the individual does not place a claim within the next 14 consecutive days. In the case that the quality of work is not up to the standards requested by the user, it is advisable to place revision requests within the shortest time possible so as to allow the writers optimum time to review the paper. We may also request our clients to rate the quality of work, the customer support, and the general interaction with the system for the sole purpose of improving our services.


We assure our clients that all our services are in compliance with all the legal requirements and that neither of the services rendered here shall be used for any illegal works. Proficient Academic Writing would also like to ensure that the text materials provided to our clients are not used in any illegal manner. We have a shared system that is applicable to both the clients and us as the company, which ensures that all stakeholders referred to above are in compliance with all regulations. Accepting this document implies that:

  • The user has read and understood the Terms of Use document
  • The use of text materials provided through our writing services is properly cited
  • All the text materials provided through our writing services are framework or models to be used for research or to serve as a template on how to write a good paper which complies with any of the writing styles and essay formats
  • The rights to all the text materials from the freelance essay writers have transferred been transferred to the company and other associated partners
  • Any monies paid for the services rendered via Proficient Academic Writers is charged for the clearly outlined purposes such as remuneration for the time and effort invested into delivering the model essays, and shall be used for the maintenance of our services and administrative purposes such as advertising of our services
  • Reproduction, publication, modification, transmission, and distribution of the text materials provided via Proficient Academic Writers shall only be done after prior consent
  • All text materials from Proficient Academic Writers shall be destroyed immediately after achieving their research purposes. Any part of the text material used for any other purpose other than the previously highlighted purposes must carry sufficient citation
  • Names shall not be put on any of the text materials. Materials shall only be used for non-commercial and personal purposes, which comes with NO intellectual property rights
  • All information requested via any of the forms provided by the company shall be true and accurate

Our Company guarantees that:

  • Proficient Academic Writers hold sufficient rights to intellectual property to guarantee the user enough rights to use the text materials provided in the manner stated in this document
  • Our company maintains a plagiarism level of below 10%, which excludes quoted phrases and the references
  • All reasonable writing instructions provided by the clients shall be followed to the letter
  • All research shall be conducted by the company to ensure that the clients receive the value for their money in terms of our writing services
  • Suspension of the site can be done at the discretion of the management, and the company shall not be held liable for the indefinite unavailability of our services at any time

Money Back Guarantee

A client may request for a refund before the expiration of the limited time frame on refunds as highlighted in the Money Back Guarantee section. Money can only be transferred back to the client through the original payment method

Intellectual Property Rights

Our company prepares unique text material in accordance with the instructions provided by the user. Upon completion of the text material, the product is then transferred to the client upon clarification of the payment. While this transfer gives the client a right to the written materials, it doesn’t bestow intellectual property rights to the client. These rights, as well as the ownership rights are exclusively retained by our company. We do our best to ensure that the text materials do not infringe on any copyrights by producing unique texts. It is, however prudent for the client to disclose any third party members whose rights might be infringed in any way through completion of the orders. The unique material is restricted to personal and non-commercial use to which limited rights are granted to the client, and remain in enforcement for six months since payment of the order.

Our company does not condone any form of plagiarism and we fight any plagiarism with all possible efforts. All contracts, agreements, and arrangements are subject to cancellation by Proficient Academic Writers in the case of plagiarism. In the case that the plagiarism level is higher than our 10% limit, the client has a right to ask for a revision, or in the worst case scenario, ask for a refund. The orders delivered to the clients are not stored in our databases, but may be used as samples on our website in case of dispute so as to protect the writers’ work after it has already been delivered.

Referral Program

We welcome referrals to third parties who may have interests in our services, which is why we offer up to 10% of the total amount paid by the third party. A user has to activate the referral program on his/her account in order to gain from this feature. Once in the referral program, we may need extra information, which is submitted through the provided forms, in order to process the gains accrued through the referral program effectively. Monies earned through the referral program can either be withdrawn or used to pay for services sought from our system. Monies earned through the referral program cannot be withdrawn unless it accrues up to 100 dollars. The dates within which the monies are paid are specified in our prices section. While users are prompted to enroll in the referral program, it is not mandatory and a user to opt out of the program at any time and at no extra charges.

Acceptable Use

Acceptable use of the text materials provided through Proficient Academic Writers is expected from each user. There is limited use to these materials, as highlighted below. It is imperative that all the users comply with these limitations.

  • The text materials shall only be used for reference and research purposes only
  • Changes to the original text materials shall not be made without prior written consent from Proficient Academic Writers
  • Proficient Academic Writers shall not be held liable for any damages caused by the use of text materials sought from our writing services
  • The unique text materials sought from Proficient Academic Writers shall not be transferred to a third party for whatever purposes
  • Users are required to exempt their names from the text materials delivered to them through our services
  • The products of our writing services are solely for research and reference, and must therefore be correctly referenced when used in the original papers
  • Our academic papers shall not be used in any way for economic purposes or to achieve academic grade. However, the materials can be used to inform academic work as long as reference is made to the texts


Our users are advised to request for modifications to the orders delivered within the shortest time possible. The Free Revision Policy clearly outlines the requirements for revision, which must be adhered to when requesting for a revision. Any modification to the paper that contradicts the Free Revision Policy shall be charged accordingly.

Communication with the Staff and Writers

In addition to placement and tracking of an order in progress, we may also communicate to our clients to inform them about promotional offers and updated services. By agreeing to this Terms of Use document, the users give full consent that their contact information can be used for such purposes such as sending promotional services. A user may unsubscribe from the promotional messages by contacting us via email or telephone numbers. Proficient Academic Writers may also use contact information such as telephone numbers to notify the client of any missing requirements to the papers, and when the orders are complete. To ensure efficient communication with our clients, we shall adhere to the following communication rules:

  • Any advertisement materials sent to users shall contain the physical address of the company and the unsubscribe tab
  • Promotional messages sent to users shall bear the mark of an “Ad”
  • Occasional promotional messages may be sent to users who subscribe to “VIP support services” feature, but the user can opt out of the services at any time
  • Complaints regarding subscriptions to our promotional services shall be addressed without delays
  • There are NO charges to users who opt to unsubscribe from our promotional services or to place feedback for services rendered

Liability Limitation

The users acknowledge that the company and all its constituents, stakeholders and affiliates are not liable from harm that may arise from the illegal use of text materials provided through our academic writing services.

The company is not liable for any mistakes that may occur when the text materials are being used by third parties. In the case that the client misplaced the delivered work, the company shall not be held liable or accountable in replacing the misplaced materials

Any undesirable occurrences that may occur as a result of misuse of the materials shall not be the responsibility of the company.

Proficient Academic Writers bear no responsibility whatsoever to the contents of other external pages and websites that are linked to this website.

The client indemnifies the company and its associates from any legal harm that may arise as a result of own violation of the above requirements outlined in the Terms of Use document, violation of third party regulations, and violations to other rights that may have been accidentally omitted by the client

Final Provisions

  • This is a legally abiding document that is meant to regulate the use of the website as a platform and the subsequent services rendered to clients via this platform, and no other consent is required or referred to in the absence of this one
  • Violation of any of the terms outlined in these paragraphs does not imply lack of enforcement of other paragraphs
  • Feedback and notices left on this document shall be considered read within a period of 1 day since the feedback was first received
  • Any relationship established via consent through this document does not give third parties any rights to form similar working relationships with any of the main stakeholders (the client and the company)
  • Any communication channel, as long as it favors all stakeholders, shall be used, and the main form of communication language shall be English
  • Third parties have no obligations or rights resulting from interaction with you on this website
  • Enforcement of any of the outlined statements shall adhere to the relevant laws, and is subject to modifications in the case that these laws cannot be enforced using the currently available laws
  • The headings act as a guide to the document, and shall not in any way be considered directly when interpreting the document.
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