Revision Policy

While we strive to always provide high quality academic essays to our clients, it is not inevitable to encounter challenges in doing so. In the case that the client feels that the quality of the content is compromised, Proficient Academic Writers is always ready to provide up to three free revisions, as long as the requests meet the following requirements:

  • The revision requirements and instructions should not contradict the initial instructions provided by the client
  • Following the right procedure to submit the revision request is very important. Use the “Submit Revision” button to resubmit the materials needed for the revision and instantly contact the customer care team in the event that difficulties are encountered.
  • Our clients are advised to request for revision before “approving” the order. In the case that the order needs revision after the client has already “approved” the order, the client should contact the Customer care team and submit the revision materials. This should not exceed 7 days. Order that exceeds 20 pages can be revised if the revision request is submitted before 14 days are over.
  • The maximum number of times that an order can be revised for free is three times, after which the client should place a proofreading/editing order anew. It is therefore important for the client to write comprehensive messages when requesting for revision.
  • Clients have 14 days after the day of delivery to approve the order. If the material is not approved by the client on his/her personal page, the material is then automatically approved by our systems
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