Privacy Policy

This page spells out the terms and conditions that binds all stakeholders and provides a guideline on the expected behaviors and actions of every stakeholder once a relationship between one or more individual commences. This legal document also acts to regulate the actions of all the concerned parties that use this service and any other related services. As a legally abiding document, the relationships between the different stakeholders who use this website as the platform of communication are regulated by the terms spelled out in the document. Therefore, as a legally abiding documents, the Terms of Use implies that stakeholders have read and understood the implications of engaging using the website as their platform, which shows understanding of a mutual agreement.

It is imperative to understand that opening the website and its constituent applications in electronic devices such as the mobile phone, laptop, computer, and palmtops constitutes sufficient consent to legally bind any user to our Terms of Use. It is therefore advisable that any user reads and understands the whole document before engaging in activities that may arouse legal issues in the event of disagreements. It is also advisable for the user to discontinue further use of the website – which refers to Proficient Academic Writers – in the case of ambiguous statements about statements that users do not agree with. The document also clearly outlines the several security and privacy issues that are important when browsing within this website. All users are therefore advised to pay attention to these points before engaging in any activities that a user feels may put at risk on security.

As aforementioned, this document is an agreement, to which an assumption is made regarding your consent to the agreement once you engages in any of our services as a user. It is therefore our priority to confirm that you have assumed responsibility, which is why we might constantly remind you to express your full consent. The privacy policy remains constant throughout the use of the website, and in the case of any changes, the user shall be promptly and sufficiently notified. Exiting the website is considered a termination of the presumed agreement and any other use of the website upon termination is considered unlawful.

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