Money Back Guarantee

Proficient Academic Writers give clients a time frame within which they can claim their money back, or ask for refund. The monies can only be refunded via the same means through which they were sent. A successful refund largely depends on adherence to the following instructions: Before the approval of the delivered essay to the client, he/she may request for the following refund:

  • 100% reimbursement if payment was a mistake, when a client lacks a suitable writer, and when the delivery of the text material exceeds the deadline and is therefore no longer needed. 100% refund is only possible if the order had not been assigned to a writer, and in the case that the material is no longer needed by the client, he/she reserves no rights to the written material after revocation of payment. A client cannot receive 100% refund if the order had already been sent for revision.
  • The client can get a 70% reimbursement if an order is cancelled when less than half the time to the deadline is remaining. The remaining 30% is used to compensate the writer for his/her efforts and time invested in completing the order before it was cancelled.
  • A client is entitled to 50% refund if there is no available writer to handle a revision or if an order is cancelled after it has already been assigned to a writer and less than half the time is remaining until the lapse of the deadline

The client retracts all intellectual rights to the essay once a claim for refund is initiated. Refunds are not possible if:

  • It is VAT
  • It is money that was submitted in the form of credit
  • The quality review team considers all instructions as met
  • The Terms of Use are violated
  • VIP and extra services were rendered, such monies cannot be refunded. The writing fee can however be refunded separately if regulations on the Terms of Use are not violated.
  • When the order has already been “approved” by the client
  • The type of paper required multiple choice answers and problem solving, in which the client scored 50% of the total grade.
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