General Provision

Proficient Academic Writers acknowledge the importance of ensuring that the unique needs of every client are observed and satisfied in a timely and efficient manner. Our company also recognizes the need to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of our clients and website visitors. In order to uniquely identify each of our clients and users while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of each, we use a simple but accurate procedure. In addition to the identification procedure, we have also established communication protocols from which each user can select the most suitable. The uniqueness of these communication protocols is that they are all highly protected to protect the privacy of our users at any time. Our communication procedures are also simple and efficient to ensure that each client’s needs are addressed effectively.

The website only collects certain information that is useful in improving the experience of our users with our services and to the website. Also, any personal information shared within this platform is highly encrypted to ensure no third parties have access. Consenting to this agreement is an indication that the user has a clear understanding of the kind of information that may be collected by the website, and agrees with the requirements outlined. Consent with the agreement also demonstrates the legitimacy and explicit understanding of what is required by both the users and the owners of the platform. It is the responsibility of the user to consent that the sole purpose of gathering certain information about him/her is for the specified and legitimate use as specified on the website. In the case that a user disagrees with any of the specified uses of the information collected from users, it is an individual’s responsibility to terminate use of the platform, as continued use implies consent.

It is also the responsibility of the user to ensure that the information submitted is accurate, up to date, relevant and complete. This is because compromised information will lead to poor service provision. Users are also requested not to provide excessive information that is not required by the website. In the case that extra information is needed, it is advisable to always consult with the management before submitting the information. Any information collected via prompts identified and specified in this platform is therefore considered legal, as no information is, gathered without the prior explicit consent of the user. Although most of the information is collected through personal submission by the users, other information which is collected after the users’ consent to the collection may be gathered. We collect personal information through questionnaires, communication through emails and other communication platforms such as the chat box, and any other personal identification provided by the user.

Other ways that we may collect information from the user, which is explicitly specified on our website, includes observations of a user’s interaction with the website, observation of users’ transactions on the website, and the use of cookies and other technologies that gather information regarding the use of a website. Our website will NEVER ask our users to submit information regarding political inclinations, ethnic or racial background, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and philosophical standings, the sex life, health condition of a user – including mental and physical health status, and previous interactions with the judicial system. It is therefore advisable for every user to contact the management before submitting information that asks for such views.

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