The ultimate guide to writing the ‘why I deserve a scholarship essay’

It is not easy to write a winning scholarship essay that will make your application stand out from the rest thus showing the scholarship committee that you are deserving of the scholarship. This is your chance to state your case on why you should be awarded the scholarship by helping the scholarship committee learn about the human side of the applicant.
This task can be daunting and may feel overwhelming for you the applicant. At some point, it may just seem easier to buy a scholarship essays online just like you would look for free argumentative essays when you are writing an argumentative essay. However, you can write an impressive scholarship essay yourself and this guide can help you out.

1. Read instructions

The first thing you need to do is to read and understand the instructions. As you read to identify the key themes and be clear on what you are being asked to write on. The instructions will guide you on what to write and will help you stay in context when you start writing.

2. Understand

Now that you have read the instructions and have identified the key themes you have to really sit down and understand each of them and exactly what you are required under each of them. For example when you are asked about your achievements; what you are being asked is to write your accomplishments, how you achieved them, challenges you faced and the lessons you learned.

3. Planning

Planning and organization are very important in the scholarship writing process. Before you sit down to start writing your scholarship essay plan out what you are going to write and where you are including what in your essay. Have a clear outline so that you can be clear and concise and you can stay on track. Think of the main ideas of what you want to focus on and make notes on what you will write about in each section. Once you have a viable plan in place it will make your writing easier.

4. Passion

It cannot be stated enough how much passion should come through in your essay. It is not just enough to say that you like working with children, you have to go further and explain why that is your passion and the sense of accomplishment you get from working with children. By showcasing your passion you are presenting your unique side to the admissions officer and this will make you stand out among the other essays.

5. Know your audience

You need to understand the scholarship scheme that you are applying for. Read and understand their goals and objectives and why they are offering the scholarship. Understand what they want to achieve by awarding the scholarship and then work that into your essay. This will endear you to the scholarship committee.

6. Writing

Once you are ready, sit down and work on writing your essay. Put all these other points in practice and write the first draft of your essay. Focus on writing and getting your ideas to flow from start to finish. Follow the outline; introduction, body and conclusion and use your notes as you write this will help you keep your ideas on track.

7. Editing

Once you have your first draft you will need to go through it a few times, identifying any mistakes grammatical or otherwise, correcting them before writing your final draft. If it helps, have someone else go through your essay and show you the mistakes you might have missed. Never submit an essay without editing and proofreading it. If you not sure you can write a scholarship essay with all the above-mentioned qualities, then it would be better to hire Proficient Academic Writers.

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