The Correct Way to Pitch Yourself in a College Essay

Your college essay is a chance to sell yourself to the admissions committee of your college of choice, not brag but to impress upon the admissions officer who you are as a person and as a potential student. Since not everyone can afford to buy affordable and high quality admission essays online, let us explore the correct way to pitch yourself in your college essay?

1. Be convincing

Your essay is your chance to show your admissions officer who you are and why you deserve to be admitted in their college so use it wisely. How you communicate who you are to the college is critical. For you to be convincing in your essay you need to toe the line between boasting and selling yourself carefully; talk about your strengths, accomplishments, life stories, passions, hobbies, academic achievements, volunteer and charity work. Communicate effectively and impress upon the admissions officer who you are as a person.

2. Express yourself

Write about who you are, tell a story about yourself; it could be a story about how you decided on what career path you want to embark on. No matter if your accomplishments don’t feel that big to you just write about them, don’t lie or embellish your accomplishments because you think that is what the admissions officer wants to read about. The essay is about who you are as a person so focus on writing about you.

3. Quality over quantity

It might seem impressive if you write about all the accomplishments you have had over the years when in actuality picking one or two and focusing on going into more detail about them, explaining what happened, your sense of pride when you accomplished them is the best route to take. Talking about everything you have ever done is unnecessary, choose what you are good at and focus on that.

4. Get personal

You might have the highest test scores, the best extracurricular activities records; you might have volunteered all your time serving in a number of charities, but the one thing that will make you stand out is how personal you get in your essay. Never be afraid of sharing a personal story in your essay, that a story may be the thing that shows your determination and endurance in the sense that despite having gone through a difficult time you were still able to focus on your studies. The more your admissions officer understands your situation this will work in your favor.

5. Reflect

It is easy to recount accomplishments and achievements, however when recalling these activities consider going into more detail, reflect on the lessons you learned and how it changed your perspective on life.

6. Stick to the point

Admissions officers read through so many essays in a day, if you keep yours concise and stick to the point then you will make it easier for them to get through yours. Make their work easier so that they spend the shortest time possible reading through yours and avoid straining the admissions officer. That is not to say that you skim through the essay, don’t under compensate in the name of being precise. Write the best essay you can but be precise and to the point.

7. Ask for help

Writing a college essay is not an easy thing to do, you might find yourself stuck and in need of help from a professional. If you are unable to write a great college essay you can reach out to a site that offers writing services like Proficient Academic Writers.

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