Tackling Research for a Literature Review

A literature review is a must for any thesis, dissertation or research paper. Whether you buy a thesis paper online, hire a writing service to help you with your dissertation or write your own research paper you a literature review will still need to be included. The process of conducting your literature review can be quite daunting. Researching which books to read, where to get certain information, tracking down these sources of information and reading through countless books, sites, and published papers can be overwhelming for any student. However, a few tips and tricks here and there can go a long way in helping you tackle this task and make your life easier.

Here are some pointers that you might find helpful as you conduct research for your literature review.


First and foremost before you start looking for books and papers and articles you need to decide on the area of research you want to work on. Having your research question ready so that you know what kind of information you are looking for. Make sure the research question is neither too broad nor too narrow. It is always a good idea to consult your professor and get their approval beforehand before you start researching and reading.


It is also a good idea to define the scope of your literature review. Decide how comprehensive you want it to be so that you know how many sources of information you want to look at. In the same way, decide the period of time you want to address in your research for example between 1970 to 1980, this will help you narrow down the amount of information you have to go through.


List down the sources you will want to search for the information you need. A good idea is to reach out to a librarian who can help you create your own search based on your research question. They can also recommend other sources that you might not have included in your list and will be an invaluable asset.


Once you have a complete list of all the sources you will need you can now start searching for the relevant books, papers, articles that are relevant to your area of research. Go to the library and look for books, print or bookmark the articles that you will need and have everything organized and ready.


When you have everything you need the real work now begins. Read through the materials you have gathered making notes of the information you derive and also noting the reference as you go. This will save you from having to go back to identify where you got a specific piece of information when you are compiling your list of reference. As you take notes to organize the information you are gathering into different sections just so that you have a rough idea of where you want to include which piece of information.


Now that you have all the information you need it is now time to sit down and sort through everything you have gathered, the notes you have written, the excerpts you have cut, the articles you have bookmarked and the papers you have printed out. Sort through all this organizing the information into different categories of your literature review such that; all the information that you want to include in the introduction is in one pile, the conclusion in its own pile and so forth and so on.


This is the part where you now sit down to compile all your information into your first draft. The sorting and organizing your information will have made this part easier. All you are doing in this process is putting together all the information you have worked so hard to gather. Your first draft will likely have a lot of mistakes don’t worry about this, focus on just writing the mistakes you can correct later as you edit your draft.
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