Incorporating Humor in College Essays

College essays should be accorded the seriousness they deserve, that being said a little humor is always welcome when writing your college essay but you have to tread carefully when adding humor to your essay. Be careful not to overdo it as that will make your admissions officers not to take you seriously. By adding a funny sentence or two you are sure to make your essay memorable that way you will be sure to stand out. If you are not sure how to use humor in your essay you can read some examples from sites that offer writing services or reach out for their help in adding humor correctly in your essay by simply typing buy fast essays online or buy fast and affordable essays on the search engine.
Here are a few key points to note when adding humor to your essay.

• Avoid going overboard

Be careful not to include a lot of jokes in your essay, this is the wrong way to include humor. Keep it simple and to the point maintaining the fine line between making an impression and being distracting to the admissions officer. Always keep in mind that ‘less is more’ when you are including humor in your essay.

• Use it to express yourself

Your essay is a tool for you to express yourself and show the admissions officer who you are. Use humor to let your personality shine through by incorporating funny memories and observations and incidences. Add a touch of humor to the personal stories that you include in your essay just be sure that they naturally fit in with your essay.

• Be mindful of your audience

Since you don’t know who will be reading your essay there is no way you can write a tailor-made joke, one person might find a joke funny while another person might find it offensive. It would be a good idea to run your essay by one or two other people who can read it and tell you if you did it right. Avoid pushing boundaries by including inappropriate, raunchy jokes or curse words because you may not communicate your authenticity with the admissions officer, instead play it safe with any humor you include in the essay.

• Be memorable

The admissions officer who will be reading your essay will probably be reading hundreds of them so you need to make sure that yours stands out. Humor can help you stand out in your essay. Be sure that any humorous anecdotes or stories or jokes or funny stories that you include adds flavor and enhances your essay. Your story should be something that the admissions officer who will read your essay will remember for a long time and maybe even use it as a measuring standard for other essays that they will read.

• Language

The language that you use when communicating your humor is important. Just because you are writing something funny doesn’t mean that you have to use informal language when including it in your essay. Maintain the formal language even when you are writing a funny story or memory that compliments your essay.

• Use it as a support

A hilarious essay doesn’t necessarily reflect your interests, achievements, goals or values instead it might come across to the admissions officer as you not taking your essay seriously. Your humor needs to enhance your essay not take over the whole essay which is something that can easily happen if you are not careful. Be mindful as you are writing so that you keep yourself in check when including humor in your essay.

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