In-Depth Guide to Writing a Dissertation Literature Review

The concept of writing a literature review for a dissertation can be daunting at best and downright overwhelming if you have never done it before. Often students who have never written one before may turn to a literature review service to get some assistance when it comes time to write a literature review for their dissertation. Seeing as this is a requirement for every academic writer who undertakes a dissertation, it is helpful to have a few tips and guidelines that will help you write a good literature review.
Here is an in-depth guide to writing a dissertation literature review that will earn you top marks.


A well structured literature review is of utmost importance. The outline should include your thesis, your ideas and research and the type of review you intend to write. Ensure that your ideas flow smoothly from one point to the other. A poorly structured literature review is a mish mash of ideas haphazardly put together and does not make sense, this is a poor reflection of your dissertation and will more than likely earn you a poor grade.


The sources and references you use for your dissertation should not only be relevant but current. Your literature review should have the following sub-sections: overview, concepts, works done before on the subject and finally the conclusion. Be sure that the information you have is significant and relevant to your topic.


Read far and wide to have a huge selection of information. Don’t rely only on online sources of information, spend time in the library perusing books on your preferred topic, search in different databases, read papers written and published by others on the same topic you are basing your dissertation on. There is no limit to how much you can read and by reading widely you are expanding your knowledge on the topic and you can learn many more things on the topic you are working on.


There is a likelihood that there are more sources of information than you can ever come across which is why it is important to define the scope of your literature review. Pick the most important and most relevant sources that relate to your work and concentrate on using those ones.


Depending on the instructions given by your professor use the specific style indicated. If the style to be used is not indicated seek advice from your professor before writing the final draft of your literature review.


When writing the first draft your literature review, start anywhere and don’t limit yourself to following the set structure. You can edit it as you go on adding information to your draft and deleting what you don’t need.


Before submitting your work be sure to go through it more than once identifying any mistakes, any grammatical errors that need to be corrected. Edit your work as much as you need to so that your final work is of the highest standard.


If writing a literature review gets to overwhelming for you there is the option of seeking professional help from Proficient Academic Writers who offers literature writing service. They can help you write a literature review that will blow your professor’s mind.

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