An Industry Insider’s Perspective on Assignment Writing Services

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Having worked in the field for a long time, I feel like I know this industry (and its patrons) inside out.

When I first started though, I had a lot of misconceptions, and dare I say it, prejudices about it all in general. I thought the students who frequented these websites were lazy, entitled, getting others to do their work when they couldn’t be bothered. How wrong I was!

Now, I’m not saying I didn’t receive such students. But the vast majority was quite different then what I thought.

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The Pie Chart of Students

Let’s say for instance, 20 percent (or less) clients were people who just wanted someone else to do their work. Aside from them, the 80 percent comprised of international students, students with disabilities, clients who didn’t have the time or the energy (after working two jobs or doing their own dissertations) to work on a project that didn’t even count in their final grade.

I was getting high school students that needed to have their papers completed because they were working 2 jobs and handling studies. I was getting medical students with PhDs who wanted reviews for their creative writing class. I even received international students that didn’t have a good grasp at English, but wanted me to translate their admissions essay in the language.

The pool of clients was vast, and my understanding of it was pathetically lacking.

I realized how much our students were overworked, and how much they needed such assignment writing service, to help them break even. Some of my clients were students that needed extra help – a guide for their own research – so they could use that information to make their studies easier. It’s no secret that the youth is under a lot of pressure to be better. With such competition and expectations riding on their success, these students had to take alternative measures, and that’s where I helped.

Picture showing research paper outlineThe Internal Competition of the Industry

The industry itself is very cutthroat, so there are a lot of companies vying for the customer’s attention. But by doing so, they’re giving essay writing companies a bad name. Many still do not understand how content should be created.

When assignment writing service content, it has to be original. The links referenced should be open for use and be related to the content as well. Yet, these basics rules were ignored. Clients were given plagiarized content, their money not refunded. And that caused a lot of undue pressure on hard-working companies like ours that are trying to help clients.

Nevertheless, we have persisted and by writing better content for students, we learn something new every day.

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