10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing A Research Paper

As a student writing your research paper there are some mistakes you are bound to make. It is therefore important to be aware of these mistakes so that you can avoid them at all costs.
Here are a few common mistakes that you need to watch out for when writing a research paper online.


The subject of your research is the core of your whole paper and as such it needs to be strong, relevant and one that you are passionate about so that you can be self-motivated to research and work on it.


Your research paper should have substantial data from reliable sources to support and give a body to the topic you are researching on. Ensure that you use facts that can easily be cited to corroborate your statements. Also make sure that the data you use can easily be verified by anyone who reads your research paper.


Any good research paper has a proper structure. Your data, ideas and findings need to be properly structured so that there is a continuous flow to it and so that anyone reading your paper does not get confused. Before you start writing outline headings and sub headings and have an idea of what you want to include in each section. Avoid handing in a chaotic paper.


Before sitting down to start writing your research paper you need to do all your research first. Have all the information you want to include in your paper ready so that when you start writing all your notes are easily and readily available to you this will make your work easy.


As a student writing a research paper the best thing you can do for yourself is to follow the instructions given by your professor. These may include: fonts to be used, spacing, style to be used, and length of the paper among others. If you do not follow the instructions given you may come across as rude or indifferent and that will not bode well with your professor.


It goes without saying that plagiarism is wrong. Copying someone else’s work in your research paper and passing it off as your own is an offence. To be doubly sure that your work is original always use a plagiarism checker as you write your research paper.


A paper filled with grammatical mistakes is sure to earn you a poor grade. Always use a grammar checker to check for any grammatical errors and correct them before handing in your paper.


Mistakes are bound to be found in your paper even professors and seasoned writers make mistakes as they write talk less of you the student. This is why it is very important for you to go through your paper before submitting it.


This is another common mistake often made by students. References are important because they are evidence of the sources of your information. Ensure that you use the correct style when writing down your references.


The conclusion is another important part of your research paper. Most times students will try to reword the introduction and present it as the conclusion. You need to finish your research paper just as strongly as you started it. Summarize the contents of the paper in the conclusion.
These are the most common mistakes to avoid when writing a research paper. However, you can always ask proficient academic writers to help you out. Sir Francis Bacon once said that ‘Knowledge is power’so by knowing beforehand the mistakes you might make while writing your research paper then you are in a much better position of not making said mistakes.

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